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Sharpening Your CV

It is hard to write one’s own CV and most people are uneasy about highlighting their achievements.  As recruitment specialists, we are experienced in drawing out vital information and sharpening CVs to more accurately reflect the strengths of the individual for optimum results.


we draw out vital information to accurately reflect the strengths of the candidate for optimum career prospects.

How Can You Benefit?

Many well-qualified professionals and executives may not present themselves in the best possible light in their existing workplace or for new career opportunities.


Although they may be specialists in their own area, some may lack the necessary experience, practice and training to highlight and market their talents.  This applies especially to managers who, until recently, have worked in stable, long-term careers and had no intention of changing jobs.

Personalized Consultations

Our personalized career consulting service consists of four meetings over the course of four weeks with the objective of helping clients to realise their career goals, identify their areas of strength and weakness, find solutions to existing challenges and build a CV and profile that best reflects their achievements and career paths accurately.


We also conduct mock interviews together to help clients regain confidence in interview situations.

Round Building



  • A personal interview to review your CV

  • Guidance on how to improve CV and covering letter

  • Interview feedback on behaviour, body language

       and presentation

  • Personal assessment with a management tool

       and analysis

  • Discussion of career goals, ideal work environment

       and role

  • A final interview to implement and review the

       changes made

​​The final interview can be tailored towards a particular role that is identified and job criteria/description is available. 


From this basic platform, our client decides the extent of further collaboration that may be needed. As this is a very personalized service we can adjust the programme to address specific career-related areas to meet client requirements in order to maximize time and results. 

Additional sessions on particular topics can be arranged and assessments can be expanded to include further reports.​

A 10, Week Career Consulting Course is also available.  Scroll down for more information. 

Contact us to schedule a free initial introduction call on how we can work with you to make you shine in your next career move. 

This is a comprehensive career consulting course that addresses many issues arising from conflicts within the working environment, the termination of a working relationship and how to move forward to rebuild confidence, portfolio and career. 

The course can be designed for an individual or a group. An employer may wish to provide assistance to an employee whose performance, communication skills or behaviour is disruptive, or where an employer wants to provide the best chance of success after redundancy. 

The programme covers a broad range of topics including proper attitude, resumes, covering letters, job search strategies, career goal-setting, networking, planning, financial challenges,  tips for a job interview and follow-up, self-image, overcoming objections, pros and cons of the internet, using professional services and evaluating job offers.



For further enhancement of the professional image, we collaborate 

closely with beauty advisors, style consultants and photographers 

for a complete executive makeover where desired.

Contact us to schedule a free initial introduction call on how we can

work with you to make you shine in your next career move. 

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