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Stripe and Spheres



We have four core competencies which coincidentally match our 

corporate initials: CMCC

Creative Search Methods

It takes time and skill to find the right people and match them with the right jobs. And that requires creative thinking. But we’ve been doing it successfully for more than 25 years so we have developed a lot of insights along the way.


Today, we have the tools, the search methodology, the contacts and the know-how not just to identify and approach the best-suited candidates, but to find the right matches for your company, your culture and your needs.  

Management Experience

We specialise in certain industries because we have deep levels of experience in them.


We have direct hands-on management experience in the apparel, footwear and consumer goods sectors and therefore insights into their needs that you may not find elsewhere.


This enables us to understand your recruitment strategies from a management perspective that goes beyond the mere search process itself.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services for different corporate and industry-specific needs. For example, we can assist with on-boarding and ensure a smooth transition for international recruits and relocating executives. We can also assist and advise companies on providing working environments that successfully embrace multi-national and even multi-generational teams.  

Career Guidance

We can also help you on a personal level. With our years of experience of company needs and areas of growing demand, we are able to offer confidential guidance on career advancement for senior executives looking for a change. In fact, many executives have been with us for years and we have helped to guide their careers to more rewarding levels in companies that truly meet their needs and match their personalities.

Please contact us to discuss your plans and how CMCC can support you with the right people for your business growth.

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